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I needed some motivation to start working out again… My bff/cousin Andrea persuaded me to to start running with her and we started doing the C25K, Couch to 5k, program {awesome app!}… Well, I started being complacent again and got about 3-4 weeks behind Andrea on the program because of coaching, etc… I know, excuses-excuses… Well, last week Andrea, yet again, persuaded me to run a 5k with her next month!!! I reluctantly agreed. Talk about M.O.T.I.V.A.T.I.O.N.!!! Now, I am focused and ready for the long, tough road ahead. I am also considering doing one of two half marathons in April. My super fabulous pal Casey invited me to run a half marathon with her in Nashville down Music City, while Andrea invited me to run the GoStl half marathon with her downtown. I have not decided which one I will do, but I know that I am going to run in one of them! I am way more excited than I’ve ever been to run… Believe me, running IS NOT my thing… Yes I played college volleyball and have been athletic my whole life, but I haven’t EVER enjoyed running! Now I have some motivation to back me up!

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One thought on “Motivation

  1. Andrea on said:

    I’m completing my 9th and final week of C25K this week! 🙂 We may just have to do the 10K next month, rather than the 5K! Plus…BIG NEWS…I just registered for the GO half-marathon! No backing out now! And you should totally run with me in GO STL (no offense Casey :))

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