Jessica McLain

A week ago… *sigh*

A week ago right now we were checking into the hotel and heading out to Buffet’s Margaritaville for some dinner… Man how a week can change things…. Bummer! We made such great memories! I will never forget paddle boarding with my hubby off Waikiki beach and watching huuuuge sea turtles swim underneath us! What an experience!!!! Then, hiking up Diamond Head with Chris & dad during a downpour! We made it though! Also, me and mom being bribed by Pandora charms to tag along with the boys while they golfed at Turtle Bay on the north shore (I got the turtle charm & the sea shell charm) 🙂 …. Many many memories that will never be forgotten….! Thanks mom and dad for the fabulous vaca!!!

But now I need to gear up for the St Pat 5 mile run in Stl Saturday with Annie, GTO at the Orris Saturday night, excited about teaching College for Kids at Mac this summer, and thanking God for guiding me along the path He has made for me!!!! Sometimes I may not understand in the moment, but it then becomes soooo clear of the right decisions I have made! ❤

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