Jessica McLain


I will admit that I am spoiled… I am an only child, and my parents live across the street from me now. I am very blessed to have such loving & caring people surrounding me! Since I’ve been pregnant, I have had zero energy to do much of anything…. For the last week I’ve also been nauseated… Blah… So my momma came over and cleaned while I got my clothes under control…. She is the greatest mom in the whole world!!! I can only hope to be half the mom she has been to me!!! Thanks mom for all the help!!! Love u!!! My dad spoils me too… Here lately, when Chris is gone, he will bring me w/e food I want! Now that is an awesome dad!!! Love u!!! I am super blessed!!! 🙂

Tomorrow was supposed to be my big half marathon day… *sigh* With how I’ve been feeling plus my hives… Dr. Shores wasn’t too keen on my running 13.1 miles while being 7 weeks preggers… The competitive side of me is very bummed out, but the rest of me is relieved that I won’t stress out always thinking, “Is bean ok?” Everything happens for a reason, I guess… Once I get my energy back in a couple weeks, I will start running again…. Only a couple miles though! Still wish I could run with Annie tomorrow… GOOD LUCK ANNIE!!! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “{Blessed}

  1. I miss you terribly 😦

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