Jessica McLain

11 & 12 Weeks

I have been feeling better and better each week (I’m in my 12th week now)… I am still exhausted but my queasiness has been leaving. Just in the past few days my tummy has really popped out! I have noticed that I am also gaining some weight in my face and lower back…. But I guess that’s what happens when you are growing a human inside of you… Lol (and go from running 25 miles a week to zero!) Since I’ve been feeling better, I am going to start trying to get about 5 miles per week in… This is such an exciting time!!! Continue to keep us in your prayers!!!

11 week pics:

12 week pics with Tallulah:

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2 thoughts on “11 & 12 Weeks

  1. Rhonda Hubbard on said:

    Hey Jessica….looking good and enjoy the pregnancy (even the weight gain) You can get right back into shape!!! Cody is so excited to have you as his home room teacher next year!!! He doens’t talk as much as Brett! lol

    Create a wonderful day

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