Jessica McLain

*16 & 17 weeks preggo*

My 16th week was a blur bc we found out Baby McLain is a boy! My mom helped me clean out my entire house for my big 25th bday party! It was so much fun surprising everyone with my bday cake! I felt pretty normal this week and more energized!

17 weeks started out ok and then I started breaking out horribly… I went to the dermatologist and he said he couldn’t give me anything, but he did do a freeze treatment… This has been one of the hardest symptoms for me bc I’ve always had pretty clear skin through high school and college and hardly ever wore makeup… Now it is a nightmare! It is clearing up a little… Just got to wait it out!

I also have been feeling a couple “muscle spasm” feelings… Maybe baby movements??

Don’t forget about Juice Plus+! if you have questions just contact me at or “like” my FB page “Jessica McLain Takes Juice Plus”!!!

16 weeks

17 weeks

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One thought on “*16 & 17 weeks preggo*

  1. sandy on said:

    CONGRATS on the baby BOY!! I will tell Jake. He will be happy to hear that you are NOT having a stinking girl! LOL I didn’t know that you sold Juice Plus. We juststarted it a little over a month ago and we all LOVE it. I get it from Rhonda Hubbard… love her! Anyway, Im glad to hear that you are doin so well… take it easy… BTW….. you look great!!
    ~ Sandy McAntire~

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