Jessica McLain

Weeks 24 & 25 <3

*update* Today I am 25w6d and had my 3rd migraine in 10 days… Sooo not fun. So I called the doc and they called me in some pain med. I also forgot to inform that I did blood work a week or so ago and they found out I was a tad bit anemic… Fun fun.

Week 24 was rough… I started Mac vball preseason and got migraines and blocked/blurred vision. Called my doc and she fit me in the next day… Ended up being caused by the heat (no ac in gym) & by stress. So needless to say she said I CANNOT be in areas that do not have ac & I have too much on my plate. Lovely.

Week 25 has been stressful but no migraines since stopping vball practices… School starts tomorrow and summer is officially over. Bummer. I am large and in charge… Getting bigger by the second! Chris has started feeling Rypken’s kicks! Very exciting! We also finally picked up the crib, the dresser, and a couple strollers from Andrea… (thanks sis!) Now to fix the nursery…

Week 24 (shopping lol)

Week 25

(hubby got camera happy lol)

“and they call it puppy looove”

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One thought on “Weeks 24 & 25 <3

  1. I didn’t realize that MAC’s gym didn’t have A/C…has it always been that way? And if he says that you can’t be in places without A/C….what are you going to do about vball? Just not do it this season? That stinks but you have to do what’s best for you right now. Stay healthy…..shouldn’t be too hard with those pizza rolls and nutty bars! 😛

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