Jessica McLain

Week 27 <3

Week 27 has been a whirlwind… I was called and told that I failed my glucose test… So I had to do the 3hr glucose test yesterday… I had to fast (no food or drink) from midnight to noon, drink nasty nasty nasty stuff, and get my blood drawn 4 times in 3 hours. So not fun! But the good news is that my doc called this morning and told me I PASSED everything! Yay! I have also started feeling super uncomfortable. It’s starting to get difficult to breathe etc… I’m also congested… Yuck. But Rypken is moving and kicking like David Beckham in there! It’s insane at times! So neat and so indescribable!

Not only have I been dealing with this pregnancy stuff, but Monday morning I came out to my car to leave for work only to find my windshield busted up from a thrown cement block piece.. I just love having to pay or someone else’s stupidity. Ugh!


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