Jessica McLain

{Crazy Day} RIP Heidi & 28 Week 1 Day Ultrasound

Well, the day started out with the inlaws coming up to share a few days with us and to see baby Rypken’s u/s this morning.  They went to eat breakfast while I got ready. About forty minutes later they got back and Chris checked on the dogs out in the garage.  Heidi (our English Bulldog), who has been having some minor problems, was laying with her very thick, now blue colored tongue out of her mouth. Chris immediately scooped her up and headed out the door with his dad.  His mom stayed behind to wait on me. I, while all of this was going on, had zero clue anything had happened… I was drying my hair and couldn’t hear anything.  By the time I found out we went out the door in such a hurry that I locked my keys in the house… My mother-in-law and I had to walk to my parents house and borrow my Dad’s Mercedes that the a/c just went out on.  So we drove in 90+ degree weather with the top down to Farmington. By this time Chris and his dad made it to the vet clinic where they had gotten Heidi’s tongue swelling down and vitals more stable.  They kept her for an hour to watch her more closely, so we headed to get a quick ultrasound to see our little guy.  We left the hospital for the vet about an hour later and got to see Heidi. She was up and standing, but didn’t seem herself and was not breathing well at all.  The vet closed at noon and by this time it was 12:15.  So we decided to have her stay over the weekend incase something were to happen.  We grabbed some lunch got home and about an hour and a half later the vet called and said Heidi had taken a turn for the worst.  He proceeded to inform Chris that he went to check on Heidi and her breathing was getting worse, so he tried to give her some meds and oxygen and she was fighting it.  Needless to say, it was Heidi’s time to go and she is now in Doggy Heaven.  Please keep us in your prayers as it feels as though we have lost a family member. 

(1st two pics are proofs from Anna Pociask Photography)



The highest point of our day was getting so see our little miracle! Rypken Michael McLain is appx 16.5 inches long and weighs 2lbs 12oz.  His heart-rate was around 137bpm. He is measuring a week or so ahead still and everything looks great!  Thank you Lord for your blessings.  (Below is the video of our u/s)

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2 thoughts on “{Crazy Day} RIP Heidi & 28 Week 1 Day Ultrasound

  1. I’m sorry about Heidi:( My kiddos are sad…she will be missed! I’m also bummed I missed the u/s! Had I known they were going to the u/s, I would’ve went yard sale-ing with them! But…at least I was one of the firsts to feel his kicks! 🙂 Can’t wait to spoil your beautiful baby boy! :)))

  2. I’m sorry about Heidi. You know I totally love dogs.

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