Jessica McLain

Where were you when the world stopped turning….?

Where were you when the world stopped turning, that September day?

I was 15, a sophomore at NC… I was in English Comp when the first plane hit, but we didn’t know what exactly had happened until it spread like wildfire in-between classes. I went on to choir where Mrs. Sutterfield had the news on. We all watched in terror as the second plane hit and the first tower fell. That entire day was surreal and is kind of a blur thinking back on it now. After school I remember seeing gas stations with lines of cars around them, panicked people, and confusion on faces… I had a volleyball game that evening and will never forget feeling as though I was not just hearing the National Anthem, but feeling it for the first time. That day is engrained in the memories of every American. It will forever be remembered as a day that America was tested, but definitely prevailed!

God bless all of our troops, families, and of course America!

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