Jessica McLain

31 weeks <3

Hopefully 31 weeks marks the beginning of the end… This week pple started stopping me asking when I’m due. When I told them mid to late November, I would either get a super sympathetic look or a “oh honey, you won’t make it that far…” I also had another migraine episode and Dr Shores wanted to see me ASAP. I got up there and Dr Boyd checked me out, did some labs, and referred me to a neurologist. Thank the Lord the results from the labs came back normal! Then the neurologist told me it was mainly stress related and prescribed me some medicine to take when they happen. Baby Ryp is measuring right on and seems to be growing at the speed of light! My bump is deformed the majority of the time. I am more and more uncomfy each day… Swelling more, stretching pains, uterus tightening, hard to breathe…. Nursery is coming along! Chris is working on the bookshelf cubby now, the wall art came in but we need a frame, rocking chair is painted….. My “Jessica’s Little Pumpkin” shower is tomorrow! Excited! Just wish I could fit into my maternity clothes… Haha That’s bad, when u don’t fit into your maternity clothes anymore!

Deformed bump 31w5d!

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