Jessica McLain

Baby McLain 4d Ultrasound

Went to The Ultrasound Zone in Glen Carbon, IL today to get a 4d ultrasound! It was sooooo neat (10/8/11 @ 33weeks)!!!! We got a DVD of 45 minutes of the u/s and a cd full of pics!!! We still can’t get over the fact that we actually saw our baby boy today! His cheeks are soooo chubby!!! I think he has my forehead and lips… And Chris’s nose and chin… The tech showed us that he has a good amount of hair already… She also measured him– he measured to be about a week ahead making due date 11/18/11. He weighed in at 5lbs 6oz and tech said that he would probably gain around 2lbs 7oz more if I went full term. We also went to City Sprouts in UCity… Very unique baby store! Got to tryout the carseat I’m ordering (Maxi Cosi Mico)! Woot! We will also be picking up our Quinny Zapp stroller tomorrow! So exciting! Now just have to order the mamaRoo and Angelcare monitor!

Big thanks to my parents for everything they have done and got for us/Rypken so far! Don’t know how I would survive without them & my fab hubby!?!

Below are a few pics (I will upload more later) & a short video clip of u/s…. And a pic of our car seat and stroller…

Maxi Cosi in a Quinny

Swollen feet!

Nursery almost finished… Gotta hang pic frames etc…

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