Jessica McLain


Rypken Michael McLain was born @10:32am yesterday 11/16/11 at 38weeks 3 days gestation …  He weighed 7lbs 6oz & was 20 inches long! He & I have been doing great! He has a head full of brown hair and looks just like his daddy! Thanks everyone for your prayers! We thank God every second for the blessing he has given us!!!

Birth story:  Tuesday Jill, our school nurse, took my blood pressure in the morning and it was 140 over 80… so I waited and she took it again after lunch and it was 130 over 98…  I called my doctor and they wanted to see me as soon as possible. Chris & I got our stuff all packed up, drove to saint johns still thinking they wouldn’t admit me… we just thought they’d check my blood pressure and we’d go home. When the doctor checked me out I still was not dilated but my blood pressure did not go down. The doctor discussed with us that they would rather admit me, monitor my blood pressure, check my  blood labs, then make a decision on if they were to induce me or not… my blood pressure went down a little and my labs came back okay but because of my fluid retention (10 Lbs gained in 10 days) they wanted to keep me admitted and go ahead and induce me in the morning.  They ended up not even having to give me pitocin the next morning.. bc the cervadil threw me into labor during the night. They gave me an epidural at around 6 in the morning (2 cm dilated), then around 8am they said I was already 5 centimeters dilated. They came in again at 10 o’clock in the morning and said I was ready to push! I pushed for 20 minutes (4 contractions) and Rypken came into the world! 


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4 thoughts on “RYPKEN MICHAEL MCLAIN ARRIVES!!!!! <3

  1. I love all this so much. I’m so proud of you all! What a beautiful addition to your already-amazing family! Can’t wait til I get to see him!

  2. Lindsay W on said:

    Congrats! He is beautiful!

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