Jessica McLain

Ryp is 8 weeks

This week Ryp caught what Chris and I had and went to St Johns Ped er for upper respiratory stuff (pediatrician wasn’t open). Poor little guy had to get blood drawn, an X-ray, and tests ran… Everything came out ok, just a virus… We got antibiotics for him. He is feeling much better. Nothing worse than your baby being sick!

This week he is really laughing when you talk to him, he half way pulls up when you have his arms, he is really “goo-ing”, and his bobble head is getting stronger! He has grown out of newborn and into 0-3 months! Sooo big!

I also went back to work this week… Ugh! So very sad! I cannot imagine what it would be like if I wasn’t blessed to have my mom babysit!?

8 week postpartum



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