Jessica McLain

Rypken 8 & 9 weeks

Ryp is huge! It is mind blowing how quickly he is growing! He now can:

Sit up with assistance
Hold his head up
Half way roll over
Laugh out loud
Goo loudly
Smile at silly faces/noises
Watch Baby Einstein and enjoy it
Only get up once a night on average
Reach and hit things
Do a half crunch position trying to sit up in own
Tried cereal(fussy so waiting till he’s a lil bigger)

Chris and I are in the full swing of being working parents now… We take shifts at night… We have a 10pm-2am shift that I normally take… & a 2am-6am shift he normally takes… Then my mom (Nana) keeps him while we slave away during the day. Praise the Lord for her!!!!

I’ve only ran twice postpartum & both times my pelvis killed me!? I called the ob nurse line & they said I was doing too much too quickly… So much for losing this gut anytime soon…

Can’t wait to get Ryps 2 month pics & go to his 2 month doc visit to see how big he is now! I bet he is 12+ lbs!

We were recently featured in an international blog spotlighting Rypken’s nursery! (My post about it is right before this one)


Dressed up for church for the first time!!!

Location:Pear St,Bonne Terre,United States

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