Jessica McLain

Ryp’s 3 Month Pics by d-Squared Designs & Catch up on Ryp!

(The following are some emails I had sent family and friends… I have found that I do not have much time to blog these days… I’m going to try and pick it up again.  This is from a few weeks ago!)

Ryp accomplished so much in 3 months! I feel like I now have somewhat of a grip on being a working mother. I’m not going to lie, it was a challenge… With many prayers and much support, I feel like I have it mostly under control. ha! Rypken is laughing out loud, really alert, recognizes people, sitting up almost on his own, has the leg part of crawling down (we are working on the upper body lol), he “talks” constantly, and is IN LOVE with Baby Einstein videos… (Oh how I wish I could have made money off of recording myself playing with baby toys… hahaha!)


Rypken turned 3 months old last Thursday… J
Time flies these days! He is 14 weeks old today. He is now laughing out loud (which melts my heart every time… ha!), grabbing his rings that hang from his activity mat, sitting up by himself in his bumbo seat (since 12 weeks)… He also needs another haircut!? ha! His eyes are still bright sky blue…? (we have no idea how this happened???) I wonder if they will stay…? The pediatrician said she normally sees the eye color start changing by now.  We are very blessed. Keep us in your prayers, though.  Ryp, we think, has started teething.  So… mom, dad, nana, and papaw have been sleeplessly trying to soothe him through his crying spells this week.
Pictures below are from the last few weeks.
(This first picture:  top left 10 days old, top right 4ish weeks old, bottom left 8ish weeks old, bottom right 12ish weeks old)
Good morning from the man of many faces....Baby it's cold outside!First Vday! "Future Mr. Right" lol"I don't care about my vday outfit mom... Stop taking pictures!"
Ole Blue Eyes <3Good morning! :) #sotrue
   Happy boy!
  Daddy <3 Ryp12 weeks in the bumbo... So big!
Love him First time in the Bumbo!!! So big! 12 weeks today? Seriously...? #timeflies12 weeks today!!!
First workout date with little man....  (11 weeks & he was do good!)So precious...<3
 My baby is 11 weeks old?!?How sweet is that smile!?!20
Sooo big already! 11 weeks old today!
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